A few reminders for Dollar Dump Day

State and local laws require all loads must be covered or secured - that applies to residential haulers as well as commercial, and applies on ‘dollar day,’ too. Use cash to pay for the $1-per-load deal; credit card fees and the excessive time spent to process a $1 credit card transaction spurred this friendly reminder to please make sure you bring a buck, don’t pay with plastic.

Here’s a reminder that the dollar day discount was created for residential users and proof of Gila County residency is required. Commercial haulers pay regular landfill fees, and “most loads cost about $7.50” according to landfill staff. Expect a slight surcharge, just over two cents per pound, when loads exceed 320 pounds. And for all other waste (construction, mixed loads, metal, large brush) $7.50 includes up to 280 pounds, with an additional three cents per pound for heavier loads.

Hauling a load of residential grass clippings, leaves, limbs and shrubs? That’s considered ‘green waste,’ and the fee is $5 for 280 pounds or less, plus a slight surcharge for heavier loads. A ‘brush rate’ applies when tree limbs are larger than four inches in diameter.

For answers to specific questions or to confirm the landfill schedule, call Russell Gulch landfill staff at (928)425-7470.



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