ADOT training at Gila Community College

Gila Community College and ADOT announce a program offered at the Regional Training Center for men and women in search of a steady and rewarding career path.

The ADOT Construction Academy, also known as the ADOT Program, is meant to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge required to join the construction industry and begin heavy highway careers. It is called an academy because as the industry changes, so does the program.

According to the ADOT Training Manager, Corey Foster, “we sit down with contractors and find out what their needs are; based on those needs we design training programs for people to enter those careers.”

Upon enrolling in the ADOT Program, students will receive training from qualified individuals, learn about the construction industry and develop essential skills.

“The regional training center is a place where people can come and work on actual projects,” Foster added. “So you’re not just getting the traditional education experience, but you will be doing hands-on training, building things, and working on projects”.

The program is free and spans 16 weeks.

No matter what barriers potential students face, the ADOT Program helps individuals overcome them. The ADOT Program offers assistance with the cost of tuition, training equipment and childcare.

Another feature that makes this program so great for students is towards the completion of the program, the ADOT Construction Academy assists students in obtaining jobs.

Although they cannot guarantee job placement, they are committed in helping students enter the workforce by building a well-rounded portfolio and connecting them with employers seeking qualified individuals.

To enroll, call 928-425-8481 or go to the Gila Pueblo Campus, located at 8274 S. Six Shooter Cyn. Rd., Globe, Ariz.

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