April 21 Blood Drive needs 18 donors

Sign up for the next Vitalent blood drive here in Globe; as of today 18 appointments remain to be filled between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Healthy donors are urged to sign up online to give a pint that morning at Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center’s Turquoise Conference Room. Your donation can save up to three lives, and the day’s schedule of appointments remains open -- pick from your choice of time slots and schedule your own appointment conveniently online at bloodhero.com (search by zipcode 85501). Or call 877-25-VITAL.

Giving blood is safe - and also possibly the most direct and selfless way each of us can contribute, right here in our own communities. Donors are urgently needed to make up for cancellation of 13,000 blood drives across the United States, an unprecedented loss of 400,000 donations last year.

And here’s an added bonus: If you’re among many people who believe they may recovered from a Covid-19 infection, whether  or not you had symptoms, both Vitalent and the American Red Cross announced last year that blood donations are screened for antibodies to the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Vitalent sponsors this month’s blood drive and reports: “We are providing this test to help find donors who are positive for antibodies, and who could help Covid-19 patients by becoming future convalescent plasma donors. Whether you test positive or negative for antibodies, we’ll provide you with your antibody test results.”


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