Arthur Lee Epperson Sr.

Arthur Lee Epperson Sr. was born Oct. 2, 1937 in Victor, Colorado. His mother was Hazel Beel (VanMeter) Epperson and his father was William Lot Epperson. He was the youngest of our children. He leaves behind his sister, Gertrude Hazel Rose (aka Clark) of Eufaula, Oklahoma. His older brother, James and sister, Yvette preceded him into God’s Kingdom.

His tender years were in Colorado. Later, the family moved to Henryetta, Oklahoma, where he learned to fish. His earliest education was in a one-room school house near Henryetta. Later in his teen years, he attended Globe High School. He quit school in 10th grade. His science teacher made Art mad, so he quit.

Soon, the Korean conflict began and he was drafted into the Air Force. He was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After basic training, he did his overseas tour in Africa. He was a courier. He enjoyed his time in Africa.

After his overseas tour was over, he met his wife of 42 years, Madeline JoAnne Lingo. They met in Texas.

They moved to Grants, New Mexico where their daughter, Judy Cordelia Epperson, was born. Later, they moved to Miami, Arizona, where their son, Arthur Lee Epperson II, was born.

Art worked as an underground miner. He worked all the surrounding mines at one time: Inspiration LLC, Christmas Mine, Superior Mines (Magma) and Shaft #9 San Manuel, etc.

During the nine-month strike, he went into the bait business. He rented a bait shop, located on the Apache Trail across the golf course from 1967-1968. He took his family water dog hunting. JoAnne helped him maintain the ponds and me and Arthur collected up the waterdogs and we had a lot of fun. Dad loved fishing and hunting. He taught us to shoot a gun with accuracy. He took us to the local lakes every chance he got; he loved boating as well around Roosevelt, Apache and Canyon lakes. He was a rock hound as well.

As soon as the nine-month strike was over, he went back to mining. He worked Shaft #9 until it shut down in the middle 80s. The mines then gave the men the option of going to school, so he went to the Sheriff’s Department for a few years until the mines were open again, this time to San Manuel.

He and JoAnne, went to Juneau, Alaska to work the gold mines. They also went to the Golconda Mine in Nevada, where he retired from mining.

They returned to Globe in 2002, and soon JoAnne passed away. Art then met Nancy Huggins.

He worked for the Marina at Roosevelt Lake, first as a security guard. He also chauffeured people from the shore to their boats.

He liked going to the casino with Nancy; he took her to Laughlin a few times. His last years were spent with her. She’s the nicest stepmom we had.

Art entered the Kingdom of Heaven  on May 23, 2017. God called him up too soon. He leaves his children, Judy and Art. With sorrowful hearts, he was the best father and loving dad we could have. We will never forget him.

His grandkid and great grandkids will miss him as well.

We love you so much, Dad

Judy and Arthur Lee


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