Celebrating Student Success at the Biyaagozhoo Education Center

Courtesy photo BiyaaGozhoo Education Center instructors joined SCAJRDC staff to celebrate their most recent high school graduate, Kylee S. Logan. In the front row are Captain Antoinette Henry, Juvenile Corrections Manager; Logan; and Mrs. Rowena Dosela, BGEC Head Teacher. In the back row are Captains Jonathan Nelson and O’Brien Goseyun, Adult Corrections Managers; Ms. Tanya Gantt, BGEC Teacher; Mr. Trent Lyon, Gila County School Associate Superintendent; and Mr. Mike Kim, San Carlos Apache College Instructor.

On Nov. 4 the BiyaaGozhoo Education Center (BGEC) held a high school graduation for Kylee S. Logan, celebrating their most recent high school graduate to succeed in the San Carlos Adult / Juvenile Rehabilitation and Detention Center (SCAJRDC) in San Carlos, Arizona. Mr. Trent Lyon, Gila County School Associate Superintendent and BGEC Principal, awarded a high school diploma to the smiling graduate for successfully completing one full credit in each of the following courses: English, math, science and social studies, which were the only courses she had yet to finish from her previous school. Kylee expressed her appreciation and gratitude to her BGEC teachers, Mrs. Rowena Dosela and Ms. Tanya Gantt, as well as to the SCAJRDC Adult Department, headed by the Adult Corrections Manager, Captain Jonathan Nelson, for helping her finish high school.

“We have an outstanding staff; educators who stay with an individual to prepare them for all six GED exams,” said Gila County Superintendent of Schools Roy Sandoval. “As well, we have inventories we administer to help a person match up their interests and abilities with career opportunities. Here are some numbers reflecting the number of tests we have administered in both GED and Pearson Vue since November of 2017: 834 in  Payson, 732 in Globe and 298 in San Carlos. Also we have 94 graduates in Payson, 81 in Globe and 20 in San Carlos.”

Kylee also thanked her family, classmates and friends for their love, support and encouragement. Sharing how she ended in a secure-care facility, Kylee realized that she could dream, work and achieve. She now hopes to pursue higher education and become an X-ray or emergency medical technician. BGEC and SCAJRDC staff, as well as students in the Adult Education Program, attended the graduation ceremony to congratulate her on the outstanding achievement of obtaining a high school diploma after two-and-a-half months of hard work and determination. Captains Nelson, Antoinette  Henry and O’Brien Goseyun, together with Mr. Lyon, delivered inspirational messages, while Mr. Mike Kim, instructor at the San Carlos Apache College, invited the graduate to enroll at the college. The graduation ceremony concluded with an interpretive dance by the graduate and her classmates in the Adult Education Program, and this was followed by a graduation dinner. BGEC, a school under the auspices of Gila County Regional School District No. 49, provides educational services for both the adult and juvenile residents at SCAJRDC. The Juvenile Education Program started in 2008, and the Adult Education Program in 2017. A Cognia-accredited school, BGEC has successfully produced 38 GED and three high school graduates.

Read more about these programs on Gila County’s website, https://www.gilacountyaz.gov/government/school_superintendent/index.php, or call staff in Globe at (928) 402-8783 and in Payson at (928) 472-5284.


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