Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center

In the early years, Globe and Miami were separated by several miles and people had limited transportation, which created the need for two community swimming pools.

Both the Miami Hostetler Pool and the Globe Community Center served their populations well, providing water recreation and water safety programs to their respective communities.

Both pools lasted way beyond the expected life of a pool, with the Hostetler Pool given an extra breath of life this summer with the generous donations of many organizations and people across both Globe and Miami. Compliments to those who maintained and operated both these pools past expectations.

Today, with the expense of running any type of water facility, it is more feasible to work together — Globe, Miami and County areas — to provide an amenity that can be used by all.

Why an “aquatic center” and not a regular pool?

Aquatic Centers, with amenities such as zero entry, water features, splash areas, and lap lanes, provide water recreation for all ages. There is something for everyone from toddlers to our senior population. While the swim team is practicing, swim lessons and lifesaving skills, or water aerobics for example, can be taking place in another area of the pool. An aquatic center is oriented to family activities. Family members of different ages are able to participate in water activities in the same facility, at the same time.

Evelyn Vargas