Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center update

Telemedicine appointments are now available at all CVRMC clinics.

• The ER never closes.

• CVRMC is still accepting walk-in visits but screenings are taking place outside the doors.  Please call ahead to any physician office if you are experiencing shortness of breath, coughing, fever.  Physician numbers are listed

• Patients entering the hospital for services (lab, imaging, cardiopulmonary, physical therapy, wound care) will be screened.  If the Patient does not meet one of the screening criteria, the patient will be issued a mask and will proceed to registration.

• Mask Information - if you are issued a mask, please have your nose and mouth covered throughout the duration of your time at CVRMC.  If you touch your eyes or face, have to adjust or remove your mask at any time, please use proper hand hygiene after – wash your hands for 20 sec-onds or use hand sanitizer.

• Two entry points remain in place at the hospital:   Main Entrance and the Emergency Entrance. Everyone is to use one of these two entry points and go through the screening process.

• New Visitor restrictions are 1 Designated Visitor is allowed in the hospital for:

o Mother in Labor

o Pediatrics

o Surgery

o Special Needs

o Infusion

Special circumstances will be reviewed for approval by the Administrator on call.

• The Designated Visitor name will be given by the patient to the nursing staff.

• At the Main Entrance and all CVRMC Clinics:  Patients, Designated Visitors, and Employees will be screened with a temperature check and a questionnaire.

• At the ER Entrance:  The Patient will be asked if he/she has a respiratory issue or is coughing.  If yes, the patient will be masked and moved directly to registration. If the patient has someone assist-ing them, that person will be screened at the first convenient moment.

• If it is determined that a Designated Visitor or Employee has a temperature or fails any of the questions, they will not be allowed to enter the hospital or clinic.

• Patients, Designated Visitors, and Employees will be given a “Screening Sticker” after complet-ing the screening process at the hospital and clinic entry points.  They will be required to wear the “Screening Sticker” where it is visible.

• If a person is in the hospital without a “Screening Sticker,” they will be asked to exit and go through the screening process or they may choose to leave campus or wait in their car if they are waiting for someone in the hospital.

• Main Entrance to the hospital hours are 6:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

• ER Entrance never closes.

• Physical Therapy will be screening patients at the Physical Therapy department. If the pa-tient is special needs (physically or mentally), requires special assistance, or a child, 1 person may accompany the patient on the visit. If you have any questions, please call 928-402-1280.

• Pharmacy is encouraging patients to call ahead for “curb side” service, 928-402-1192, push #3 to let the Pharmacy know you are at the curb.  Patients may also text ahead to 520-357-0163 and leave your name, date of birth, and description of your car.     If you arrive at the front of the hospi-tal, with or without calling ahead, a greeter will get your name and date of birth and pick-up your prescription and bring it to you.

• Medical Records would like to encourage patients to use the “Patient Portal.”  If the patient is unable to use the “Patient Portal,” call 928-402-1166 and someone from Medical Records will get your information.  A time for pick-up will be given to the patient.  The pick-up location is at the old entrance of the hospital, near the flagpole. Take a right at the end of Hospital Drive and then a quick left. At the end of the parking lot is the flagpole and circle drive.  When you arrive call 928-402-1166 and someone will run the patient records.  Patients must sign and show identification.

• Law enforcement, Firefighters/EMS, on campus physicians and office staff can enter the hospital through the two screening points.

• If you have, or are being evaluated for COVID-19, please follow the instructions put forth by the Gila County Health and Emergency Management Department

• If you need to come into the Emergency Department And Have Symptoms Of Fever-Cough-Shortness Of Breath, Call 928-425-3261, Ext. 1026 Before Coming Into The ER. Staff will instruct you of the procedure coming into the ER.  CVRMC continues to follow the state guidelines for “meeting criteria.”

The surge capacity of the hospital is 50 beds (14 ICU).  If this disease should spread quickly, the number of needed beds may surpass the number of beds available.  This is why social distancing, limiting personal contact, covering your cough and sneeze, washing your hands, and staying at home unless it is an emergent situation are critical actions. These behaviors help to slow down the spread of the disease to people at high risk who may need hospitalization.  Patients who are hospi-talized for other medical conditions need to be considered in this bed count, also.

Questions and Answers:

Q: “I have to have my blood drawn. If I have a COVID-19 symptom, am I sent away.”

A:  No.  The hospital is open for all ancillary services (lab, imaging, physical therapy, wound care, cardiopulmonary,etc.) and clinic appointments. You will be given a mask. Please keep it on at all times.  Use social distancing. If you touch the mask or any other part of your face, please wash or sanitize your hands.

Q: “Is it safe for me to go into the hospital?”

A: Yes.  The hospital is taking every precaution to ensure sterilization and cleanliness.  Please prac-tice social distancing, cover your cough/sneeze in your elbow, wash hands.

Q: “Is everyone getting screened?”

A: Everyone coming into the hospital is getting screened.

Q: “Are there any cases of Coronavirus in our area?”   

  A:  As of April 4, there are 3 known cases in Payson. None known cases in Southern Gila County.

Q: “Why can’t I stay with my loved one?”

A:  It has been shown in other areas of the country that limiting the number of people in and out of the hospital has been very beneficial in slowing the spread of the disease.  We have to work togeth-er to slow the disease down in order to have enough medical supplies, personnel and beds to care for those who might become sick. We highly encourage Facetime, Skype, Facebook, etc. to keep in contact with your loved one.  The hospital is also working on the equipment to provide Zoom Meetings to help connect patients to their loved ones.

Local Primary Care Physician Office Phone Numbers

CV Family Practice 928-425-7108

Dr. Douglas Campbell; Dr. Travis Charles; Mark Wyma PA-C; Tyler Foulger PA-C

CV Red Rock Clinic 928-425-8151

Dr. Joseph Ring; Dr. Bradley Werrell; Tyler Foulger PA-C

CV Clinics at the Hospital 928-425-3247

Beau Bradley PA-C; Zach McBride PA-C

CV Pediatrics  928-425-3247

Dr. Murray Caplan

CV Superior Clinic 520-689-2423

Blaine Jensen, PA-C; Dr. Douglas Campbell

CV Tonto Basin Clinic 928-479-2871

Dr. Douglas Campbell; Beau Bradley PA-C

CV Pleasant Valley (Young, AZ)  928-462-6644

Blaine Jensen, PA-C

CV Kearny Clinic 520-363-5573

Michael Smith, PA-C

Palo Verde Family Care 928-425-6592

Dr. Oscar Andrade; Dr. Melde Tina Mugford, NP

Hope Family Care 928-425-8200

Dr. Holly Rooney; Chad Campbell, PA

Pinal Mountain Internal Medicine 928-402-0096

Dr. Brent Layton

Canyonlands Healthcare 928-402-0491

Sara Bennett, NP; Jenni Kuker, NP; Jean Turney-Shaw, NP