Cooperation with our neighbors to the east 

Pictured, from left, Vice Chairman Etpison, Mayor Gameros, Chairman Rambler, Chief Benally, Officer Ntewa.

Cooperation and partnership was the gracious message expressed by San Carlos Apache Reservation Chairman Terry Rambler and Vice Chairman Tao Etpison at the beginning and at the end of a very impressive tour and presentation of accomplishments achieved by our neighbors to the east. 

It all started the afternoon of Dec. 20, 2018 at the Training Center partnered with Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold and attended by representatives that also included the City of Globe Mayor Al Gameros and Town of Miami Councilmember Angel Medina filling in for Mayor Darryl Dalley, who had other commitments. It was mentioned at this meeting that the people of San Carlos, having an ever-expanding economy, also contribute greatly to the economy of the neighboring communities east and west of the Reservation. 

The charismatic team next led us to another pride of the Reservation, the Apache College. There, we were greeted by the friendly staff that briefed us on all of their accomplishments, and renovations to their edifice. 

Chairmen Rambler and his team’s popularity was very noticeable at our next stop, the hospital. I recommend and encourage individuals to accept an open invitation to visit this state-of-the-art, well-staffed and operated organization that also includes a Starbucks embedded in this modern hospital. We were treated by the team to some of Starbucks’ services, and each visitor received a large gift bag of essentials at the end of this impressive hospital tour. 

Near the end of our hospital visit we were greeted by San Carlos Police Chief Alejandro Benally, Sr. who led us to our last stop, the police department. The Chairman and Vice Chairman greeted us at the SCPD for an end of tour briefing by Chief Benally. 

At this meeting, Globe Mayor Gameros and Chairman Rambler communicated their appreciation for the outcome in the arrest of the individual involved in the unfortunate event at one of the venues in Globe, which was successful due to the help and cooperation of the neighboring police agencies. 

This historic tour event ended with the theme, cooperation and partnership between our communities. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people, Nde, of San Carlos for the way Mayor Gameros, my wife Louisa and I were treated at this historic