County Assessor spins reality for Miami resident

Dear Editor:

County Assessor spins reality.

It was interesting to read the County Assessor’s article in your July 1, 2020 edition regarding property taxes after a fire. Therein the Assessor asserts the “painless” simple procedure used to seek property tax reassessment after one has fire damage to their property; unfortunately, such has not been my experience.

My property was involved in the downtown Miami fire last September. After multiple phone calls and personal visits to the Assessor’s office seeking to have the property reassessed, I was dismissed by the staff with a “Just pay the taxes.” Subsequently, I received the 2021 valuation of the property which RAISED the valuation of the fire damaged property. (Perhaps they think clearing out some buildings increases the value of downtown Miami property.) Nearly one year after the fire and no one from the Assessor’s office has contacted me yet they raise the property tax.

As a result, it necessitated I file a petition for review of property valuation. That was done on March 30, 2020. Three months later have I heard anything from the Assessor? NO. Soon, time will expire and I must turn to the Board of Equalization and, perhaps continue to the Tax Court for relief. Apparently, officials like the Assessor don’t care about the time and expense to citizens or cost to the County for such procedures; it’s just taxpayer money being spent so they just shrug.

Gary Goetteman.

Miami, AZ