CVCA board responds to Silver Belt report

In response to the article published in the Arizona Silver Belt about the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts and Molly Cornwell (“CVCA meeting heats up, but no resolution yet for Molly Cornwell,” Aug. 15, 2018), the CVCA Board would like to respond.

The board of the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts has become a focus of controversy since the executive board’s decision not to renew Molly Cornwell’s lease of the White Porch and requesting her resignation from the board. Molly is a valued community member who has done more than most for Globe and we thank her for that. She continues to serve on the board as we try to find our way through the maze of missteps and, thankfully, she continues with many other community responsibilities.

The board recognizes the concern of the community and is taking steps to reassess critical issues about how the board functions. We are asking ourselves what needs to change in order for us to better serve the interests of the community and the center. Bridging the differences of opinion on the board is difficult to maneuver but as a whole, the board is committed to working through this.

We ask the community to please not abandon the activities of the center because it truly is the “Diamond of Broad Street.” The CVCA is vitally important to Globe as a promoter and supporter of the arts. It serves as a platform for local artists to share their talent on stage and in the gallery as well as workshop space for youth and adults, and an entertainment center for the community.

With a rich history as the old Courthouse, reborn as a community art center through vision, dedication and hard work, the CVCA would not exist without community support and participation. We deeply value the many volunteers who have done so much for the center and we are working diligently to fix board practices. With the wisdom of hindsight, we are re-evaluating our bylaws to upgrade them so they will provide better procedures and directions for the board with regard to powers of the executive board, decision-making rules, transparency and communication practices.

Thank you for your concern, input and patience.


The CVCA Board