CVRMC “Going Live” with New EMR System

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Record which is essentially the medical history of a patient as it is recorded by physicians and other medical personnel. With the use of a robust EMR system, patient information can be accessed quickly across a number of different healthcare providers.

“CVRMC is proud to announce the launch of an updated Electronic Medical Record called Meditech Expanse,” states Preston Pollock, CVRMC CPT Officer. “This technology will allow our hospital and clinics to utilize one integrated medical record which will in turn allow for a better patient experience.”

Neal Jensen, CVRMC CEO, has pushed his team of employees for growth and improvement at CVRMC for the past 20 years and the community has seen and benefited from the results.

“This EMR system is a game changer. I have been dreaming of this my entire career,” states Jensen. He continues, “This truly will be a great change for patients, providers, the hospital, clinics, and the community we serve. We can now share a common medical record.”

A project of this magnitude takes many, many extra hours and a core team across the spectrum of CVRMC staff have worked on this project since the second week of August 2019. “This will very definitely benefit patients and all the clinic practices,” states Micah Pura, CVRMC Medical Assistant and a member of the Meditech Expanse Front Office Core Team. Valrie Castro, Clinical Informatics Specialist, states, “Meditech Expanse is the integration between the clinics and hospital. It will allow providers and anyone involved in the patient’s care to treat and manage their care more efficiently.”

This system “goes live” August 1. When you visit CVRMC or any CV Clinic, processes may take a few more minutes as staff becomes experts in this new EMR Enhance system. “We are moving CVRMC to even better patient care,” states Evelyn Vargas, CVRMC CX Officer.

“Like any newly implemented system, it may take an extra few minutes for our patients to move through, for example, registration as our employees adapt and move through the new screens and flow of Meditech Enhance. We truly thank you in advance for your patience.”


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