Donors Needed: Sign Up Now for Globe’s Next Blood Drive

Kudos to the Globe-Miami community for filling all available appointments at recent Red Cross blood drives -- new dates have been added to accommodate local participation, which means new donors are needed for the next one, Sept. 18. Schedule your own appointment ahead of time by phone or online. Use the convenient online scheduler at; search using the keyword 85501 for the Sept. 18 date, then pick your choice from available times. Or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to pre-arrange your appointment.

Scheduling ahead of time helps Red Cross staff and volunteers pre-arrange a full day and the most productive blood drive possible -- and also helps carefully page the arrival and departure of donors, allowing safe social distancing for everyone.

Donors Needed

The American Red Cross has estimated that an unprecedented 4,600 of its blood drives have been canceled across the country over COVID-19 concerns, hospital transfusion services and blood centers nationwide are experiencing a similar drop. You can help - from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Globe Elks Lodge. Appointments are required, in order to assure safe physical distancing for donors, volunteers, and Red Cross staff. And if all available appointments have filled, sign-up for Nov. 13 when Red Cross staff return.

Yes - Its Safe!

Donating blood is safe: clinic staff are scrupulous about hygiene and infection-control practices already in place are designed to prevent the spread of infections. Blood donation centers always take steps to prevent staff and donors who are not feeling well or who have a fever from reaching the donor area, and they are now taking additional social distancing precautions wherever possible.

First-time donor are always welcome, too. The most common type of donation, during which approximately a pint of ‘whole blood’ is given, usually takes about an hour. A few guidelines for new donors include:

• Be at least 17 years old

• Be in good general health and feeling well

• Have not donated blood in the last 56 days

• Weigh at least 110 pounds. Additional weight requirements apply for donors 18 years old and younger and all high school donors

Conveniently book your own appointment today online at

And Patriotic, Too!

Our nation’s blood supply requires a steady supply of donors who generously donate millions of units of potentially life-saving blood and blood components each year. Every two seconds, a patient needs a blood transfusion. Over the past eight months blood donations have dramatically reduced due to the implementation of social distancing and cancellation of blood drives. Red Cross organizers support federal, state and county coronavirus guidelines, which limit social gatherings, require facemasks and physical distancing - and good hygiene, especially thorough and frequent hand washing.

The Red Cross also recognize that maintaining adequate levels of our nation’s blood supply is critical, posting that those who donate blood should consider themselves as working in a critical infrastructure -- in volunteering, you contribute to the public health of our nation. In order to ensure that blood is available to those who need it most, it is important for healthy individuals who are able to donate to take the time to do so. Questions about donating? Read more at


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