EAC Gila Pueblo Campus Update

I am sure many in the community are wondering what is happening at the college and what the fall semester will look like.

Please know that safety is our priority for students, faculty, and staff. With this safety comes the protocols/guidelines set in place to provide a safe environment.

Increased sanitization will be conducted several times daily for all classrooms, restroom, and commons areas. Sanitizing supplies will be provided in all classrooms.

Our custodial staff is providing enhanced cleaning, and as an extra precaution, students will be asked to wipe down their desks and chairs at the end of each class.

All EAC employees will be wearing face masks, and students will be highly recommended to do so, and depending on the class, will be required to do so.

Next, we are trying our best to accommodate students to meet their personal needs.

Many classes that plan to meet in a traditional classroom will have a Zoom option for students who are uncomfortable coming to campus. We are also offering some classes as a live remote, meaning all students will be on Zoom or a similar tool. Blended classes will be a mixture of on-campus instruction and online components. As always, some classes will be taught entirely on-line using the Canvas learning management system. If you would like to know how a course is being taught or would like to request taking a course through Zoom from home, please call the administration office to communicate your request. We will try to accommodate those requests as best we can.

We will continue to offer dual enrollment for Globe and Miami high school students. The dual enrollment courses taught at the high school will be taught in the modality scheduled by the high school. CVIT classes are scheduled to begin on August 17 and instructors will communicate with CVIT students attending the EAC Gila Pueblo Campus and Regional Training Center regarding the modalities set in place for each program.

Please visit www.eac.edu for more information on the current class options and safety plans.

Finally, the only thing certain in these uncertain times is that things will change. Our wellness center, which is currently closed, will open when allowed to do so.

Should it become necessary, we may move the majority of our courses to some form of distance education.

Please know that the entire staff and faculty are working diligently to continue to provide the courses and programs with a variety of options to maintain the safety of everyone.

We look forward to beginning classes on Aug. 24.

Please stay safe and healthy!


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