Expecting? Parenting? New class this week for age 19 and under

 Arizona Youth Partnership’s ‘Starting Out Right’ program offers so many helpful and free classes to parents and parents-to-be; this week Charlene Becker hosts a new once-a-week series of six classes designed for and limited to teens, male and female, up to age 19. Classes are conveniently online via Zoom, and the first one is tonight (Wednesday, Feb. 17)  at 6 p.m. To sign up or have the specific website link sent to you, email  [email protected], call her office, 425-9276, or text 812-0555. For announcements about future free classes, like and follow facebook.com/charlene.sor.

Charlene Becker is Globe’s Parent Educator and Case Manager for Arizona Youth Partnership’s ‘Starting Out Right’ program, and describes the new class series: “We’ll have more classes during February, March and April. The one that begins Wednesday of next week is specifically for pregnant or parenting teens up to age 19. We explore a variety of topics ranging from financial literacy to job searching tips, how to prepare for your job interview and maintaining a budget for yourself or your household. We talk about careers and goal-setting. Males and females are both equally welcome. Other topics over the six weeks that we’ll meet include HIV and other STDs and how those could affect their lives. We talk about birth control and condoms, and I teach about the stages of pregnancy, and parenting - if they already have a child.” 
Sign up with an email to  [email protected], call her office, 425-9276, or text 812-0555, or private message


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