Fresh Fruit Fundraiser at Saturday Farmers Market

Help raise money for a worthy local cause when a popular pop-up returns with a ‘Fresh Fruit Fundraiser’ spotlighting local veggies and fruit Saturday at our Globe farmers market downtown near City Hall.

Thea Wilshire (at left) and a group of volunteers and friends from dog park visits teamed-up to host a similar booth twice last summer, selling a variety of donated fruit, veggies and savory baked items -- and donating all sales to benefit the community dog park that’s now nearly complete up at Noftsger Hill.

What are they likely to have Saturday?

Stop by and see, invites Thea: “that depends on what local gardeners donate, but it looks like we’ll have two varieties of apples that are ripe in July: Anna’s and Dorsetts.

Plums, zucchini, eggplant, garlic,  peppers; we might even have a few dozen eggs and loaves of homemade bread or other baked goodies.

Part of what’s fun about our local farmers market is to stop by each Saturday morning and see what’s new and in season that week.”

Gardeners who have more zucchini than they’ve been able to give away to coworkers (or ripe tomatoes, squash, plums, baggies of basil or other fresh herbs, fruit or veggies) are welcome to call Thea by this Friday to arrange a donation (928-200-8733) or email  [email protected]

Check out photos and read more about Globe’s new dog park at; connect with Farmers Market growers and volunteers at


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