Gila District Pinewood Derby results

The Gila District Cub Scout 54th Annual Pinewood Derby was held Saturday, March 24 at the Miami High School gym. Cub Scouts from all across the district participated in the running of this popular event.

There were four separate categories based on Cub ranks: Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos, plus the Open Class for anyone and everyone else. The finale was a race with the top finishers from the Cub Rank groups to determine the overall District winners. The winners from each class are:


1st Mark Peace

2nd Isiah Martin

3rd Ethan Boyer


1st Brody East

2nd William Montague

3rd Calvin Hansen


1st Caden Dryden

2nd Mathew Acton

3rd Daniel Mellor


1st Cassidy Swensen

2nd Kaden Graham

3rd Evan Bennett

Cub Scout


1st Mark Peace

2nd Brody East

3rd Cassidy Swensen

Open Class:

1st Nolan East

2nd George Starling

3rd Colin Bronson

Design Winner:

Calvin Hansen

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