Globe-Miami comes together for fallen officer

On July 25, 24-year-old Arizona Department of Public Safety office Tyler Edenhofer, badge #10449, was fatally shot on I-10. It was a tragic loss for the Edenhofer family, as this was Mrs. Edenhofer’s only child, whom she laid to rest on Aug. 3. Miami Police Chief Spencer Preston attended the funeral, and reflected that one of things mentioned about Edenhofer was that “He kept fighting until his body gave out.”

In honor of Edenhofer and his fellow officers, Dalin Dorris, badge #6658, and Sean Rodecap, badge #7223, who were also shot and seriously injured that day, Sept. 1 has been deemed Public Safety Police and Fire Awareness Day, with a fundraising event scheduled to take place in Miami at Bullion Plaza. This event is to help raise funds for the 100 Club, which helps supports families of first responders who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.

One of the organizers of the event is Globe native Carmen Casillas, who hopes that with this fundraising event the Globe-Miami communities will come together to honor all who serve, whether fire, police, sheriff’s department or DPS.

“When it happens to one [officer], it affects us all” said Casillas, who is working with the Town of Miami and Bullion Plaza to put on the Saturday Sept. 1 event at the Bullion Plaza front lawn. There will be a carwash, music, water fun for the kids, and something for the entire family to enjoy. For more information on the 100 Club of Arizona, go to


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