Globe Miami Farmers Market Final Saturday Fresh Fruit and Veggies From A-to-Z

Apples to Zucchini, that is! Green-thumbed local growers bring fresh fruit and veggies, literally from A-to-Z (Apples to Zucchini, that is), on Saturday starting at 8 a.m. at the Globe Miami Farmers Market, which sets up in the shady park outside Globe City Hall.

Sept. 26 is the final farmers market Saturday; and if you’re a gardener with excess veggies you’d like to sell - call Farmers’ Market organizer Holly Brantley 928-701-3097.

Just a few items to look for include local honey at $10-per-pint, shelled pecans, green tomatoes and ripe red ones, too; tie-dyed T-shirts and colorful tie-dyed socks; fashionable cloth facemasks, which are comfortable, washable and reusable. Both green and red peppers, yellow and green squash, garlic and onions, beets and beet greens. This location offers shade to our vendors, lots of convenient parking nearby – a playground to keep kids entertained, and also easy convenient walking distance for Farmers Market customers who live near downtown Globe. Bakers, jam an jelly makers are required to have a food handler’s card in order to sell at the market. Vendors complete a registration form and pay a booth fee of $10 plus a percentage of the day’s sales.

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