Globe Police officers are thankful for continued support

To the Community of Globe, Surrounding Areas and Gila County,

I would Like to take this opportunity to reach out to the residents of Globe-Miami, and our neighbors of the surrounding areas to Thank You All for your continued support of the Globe Police Department, and to let you know how much the men and women of this Department truly appreciate you all.

This has been an incredibly challenging year and our community, like communities across the country, have had to deal with unprecedented issues, concerns, fears, and unrest.

During these difficult and trying times, your efforts to partner with us in the challenge to slow and eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the difficult times that our communities and law enforcement partners are facing across our great country have not gone unnoticed by the men and women of the department.

I and the entire Police Department want you to know that our first priority is always to the protection and service of our community, residents, and neighbors, and that we will never waiver in our commitment.

With the strength of the partnerships of our community, we will continue to move forward, grow stronger, and overcome whatever trials or tribulations we may face.

Again, my sincerest Thank You and Appreciation for all you have done; we will grow stronger together.


Dale A. Walters

Chief of Police