Globe resident found deceased at Round Mountain Park

David Sowders/Copper Country News

On June 10, 2022 at approximately 8 p.m. a concerned citizen notified the Globe Police Department of a vehicle that had been parked in the area of Round Mountain Park for an extended period of time. An officer responded, and an attempt to determine the circumstances of the vehicle being left was initiated. Once the vehicle owner was determined officers followed up with neighbors and family, and learned that the owner, Globe resident Dale Merrell, was unaccounted for and his whereabouts were unknown. Attempts to locate Mr. Merrell continued without success. A request to launch the Gila County Search and Rescue Team was made as well as a request through the Arizona Department of Corrections for canine tracking teams. During the operation, additional assistance was requested from the Arizona Department of Public Safety to assist with air support. Just after noon on June 11, a DPS ranger located Mr. Merrell off trail in the vicinity of Round Mountain Park. Upon reaching Mr. Merrell, rescuers determined him to be deceased. There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding this incident and additional information will be determined through autopsy. Globe PD would like to thank everyone who assisted with this operation, including the Gila County Sheriff’s Office, Gila County Search and Rescue, Arizona Department of Corrections, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Globe Fire Department, Globe Public Works, Tri-City Fire Department and a host of community members and family members of Mr. Merrell.


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