HAWK signal causes confusion

Andrea Justice/Copper Country News There is some confusion about the proper stop and go procedure associated with the HAWK signal next to Globe High School.

A HAWK (High-Intensity Activated crossWalK) signal, also known as a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, is a traffic signal designed to help pedestrians safely cross busy streets.

One of these signals was placed by Globe High School for students to safely cross the street, and there is still some confusion on the proper stop and go procedure associated with the lights.

When the pedestrian push button is pressed, the main street vehicle signal indication will flash yellow for several seconds, then display a solid yellow to give motorists enough time to stop at the crosswalk. After the solid yellow interval, the two main street vehicle indications will go to solid red and pedestrians will be given a WALK (walking person symbol) signal. After the WALK time expires, the two red indications will flash in an alternating pattern while the pedestrians continue across the street (flashing DON’T WALK). When the red signal indications are flashing for main street traffic, motorists may proceed after stopping if the pedestrians have crossed their half of the street. After enough time has passed for pedestrians to complete their crossing, the main street signal indications will go dark once again and the pedestrian signal indication will revert to the solid raised hand symbol until the next pedestrian actuation.


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