Hero or Villain? Elf or Knight?

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Live Action Role Play June 15 in Globe

Fans of Game of Thrones or Dungeons and Dragons don’t miss the chance for a Live Action Role Play (LARP) gathering scheduled for the Gila County Fairgrounds Saturday, June 15. 

Two additional follow-up dates are Saturday, July 20 and Wednesday, Aug. 17.

Participants choose either hero or villain for these family-friendly events.

Kids are welcome, though children under age 12 should be closely monitored. 

For photos of past events or for more information, go to facebook.com/NeroCentralPhoenix

“The cost of the event for non-player characters is free, and is also free for first time NERO players,” said event organizer Jessica Richardson. “After that, the cost to attend is $20 at the door or $15 pre-registered.”

Register by creating a NERO account at nerolarponline.com.

“The events in Globe are an ongoing storyline, set in the lands of Tel Zohar, which is part of the larger NERO world. Elves, dwarves and other races come to the lands to trade or call the land home,” she said. “This summer the market gathers are set in an underground cavern area, as the civil war with the Desert Elves has closed the previous location. Market gathers attract both heroes and villains. Which do you want to be?”

Formally known as NERO Central Arizona, the group has met for prior events at Lost Dutchman State Park and in the Verde Valley for live action role playing sanctioned under NERO International. 

For more information, go to the website telzohar.com.

Founded in 1986, NERO has become the premier LARP organization in North America. In LARP, one becomes the character of their fantasies and, acting out the action, solve the mysteries and defeat adversaries with wit, intelligence and/or sword and sorcery.

At NERO events, one uses skills that their character has earned, as well as the skills that the player brings to the game, much like King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, SuperNatural, Twilight, Blood Lines and Renaissance Fairs.

Whether the hero or the villain, their imagination has found a home.

Read more at telzohar.com/index.php#NERO


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