Humane Society attends training by Animal Defense League

Members of the Gila County Humane Society attend a training before kicking off their Trap Neuter Release Program.

Sunday afternoon Peter, Pam, Richard, Kris, Rob and Mario pictured here and myself attended a training session put on by the Animal Defense League of Arizona to kick off our Trap Neuter Release Program. It was informative and very helpful to us so that we can do things the proper way and be effective in getting this altering of feral cats accomplished. 

We took our first group of eight cats to Mesa on Tuesday. This first group were cats from the ally in downtown Globe and they were released at our barn outside of Globe. The remaining six of this colony will hopefully be altered this week, solving the problem of just one of many colonies in our area. This is a very big undertaking but a necessary one for our community. If you have the time and or money to help with this endeavor we need you.

If you have a colony in your yard that needs to be taken care of you can call 928-200-3611 and we will put you on our list and help you as soon as possible. This is going to take time and patience so please bear with us. If you have a pet cat in your family that is not altered please get it done.

Families not taking care of their pet cats is why this problem exists.

These cats are innocent, people created this problem, now we have to fix it.

Cheryl Brazell 


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