Hunter Safety classes on hold

To all persons concerning the fall classroom class for Hunter Education:

There will be no class until the Game and Fish Dept. has given us direction as to how to conduct a class and keep both students and instructors safe from the Covid 19.

With that said our local instructors have decided to follow dept. direction and NOT conduct any classes until further notice. The dept. has set it up so that a young person (10 to 13) needing the class in order to hunt this fall can take the class online print off a copy of their certificate of completion (print two copies one to carry in the field with you showing you have completed the online and one to use when you get to attend a range day within the next year).

The dept. has extended the timeframe for completion of the range day to one year from completion of the online portion.

All the student needs in order to be able to hunt is the certificate of completion, their hunting license and their tag, the certificate will be used in place of their Hunter Education Card until they complete their range day requirement.

If you have a 10 to 13 year old that has be drawn for a fall hunt please call John Stemm at 602-478-5201 and I will put your student on a list for a field day as soon as we are allowed to conduct them again.

You can find directions of how to find the online class by going to the following web site

Any questions call Chief instructor John Stemm at 602-478-5201


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