Important information for citizens of Miami, Ariz.

“We are fast approaching the primary election day which is Aug. 4, 2020. The Alternative Expenditure Limitation (also known as “Home Rule”) will be presented to the citizens of Miami. This is an especially important measure for the town. In a nutshell, the state mandates the amount of money a city or town can spend on their budget regardless of the revenue coming in. If a town or city has a need to spend more money in the coming budget year you would be limited to a monetary ceiling of sorts unless the citizenry allows for an increase by voting on such a request every four years. Therefore, we will be presenting more information on the matter as we near the Primary. An especially important note is that there will be no tax increase whatsoever. Miami has a lot to gain and much set-back without this measure. Please feel free to call myself or any other Miami Town Councilmember with any questions or concerns.”

Jose (Angel) Medina Sr.