Inclusive official seal for Native American Code Talkers

Representative Arlando Teller is eager to work with the Tribal Leaders and the Department of Transportation to create an official seal for all Native American Code Talkers. Representative Teller wrote the following letter on the topic: 

“Dear Tribal Leaders,

I write today to request the input of all Tribes in Arizona whose members served in the armed forces as Code Talkers, using their mother tongues to protect the United States in times of war. As you may know, the State Legislature passed House Bill 2446 in the 2019 session, which requires the Arizona Department of Transportation to make available special license plates for women veterans, each bearing the seal of a branch of military service. At my request, the bill’s sponsor included the option to include a seal recognizing Native American Code Talkers. Honoring our Native American veterans is my priority and I appreciate every opportunity to express my thanks to them. 

While there is not an official seal honoring all Native American Code Talkers, the Arizona Department of Transportation must design a seal for the license plate. To ensure that the seal adequately reflects the importance of honoring our Code Talkers, I am requesting the input of all Tribes in Arizona whose members served as Code Talkers to assist me in providing guidance. It is my sincere hope that the resulting seal will be an emblem of pride and remembrance for all Tribal Nations in the state. I appreciate the opportunity to contact the honorable Tribal Leaders of the Inter-Tribal Association of Arizona and to request your help in this most important task. 

I look forward to working with each Tribe to ensure their Code Talkers are honored appropriately and that every Tribe whose members served and sacrificed are remembered for their patriotism and heroism. I look forward to speaking with each Tribe directly and, if you have any questions or can provide me guidance in this task, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 602-926-3069 at any time.


Arlando S. Teller, Representative

Arizona House of Representatives – LD7



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