Introducing the Independence Day Celebration Band

The Celebration Band photo is courtesy of the band The “Celebration Band” is comprised of musicians from the Centennial Band, the Globe schools, and the Miami schools.

For many years the Cobre Valley community has enjoyed the symphonic sounds of our own Centennial Band giving concerts and playing events. In the more recent past, the orchestra of local musicians has joined the Cobre Valley Independence Day celebration. Due to seasonal traveling and summer vacation of local schools, many of the regulars had to be substituted with other local talent to perform on July 4, which has given birth to its musical offspring.

The newly named “Celebration Band” is an offshoot of the Globe-Miami Centennial Band. The christening of the new group began last year when the Centennial Band was asked to provide music for the Independence Day parade which was held in downtown Globe after a four year hiatus of the community parade. The band had recessed for the summer, but Linda Gustafson said she’d see what she could do to round up some musicians. With the backing of Globe School District’s music director, Allie Tolman, the group was launched. It was essentially nameless, but was a community band. This year, the Centennial Band was again asked to play, but was again on recess, so the request was forwarded to Linda Gustafson. The suggestion was made to call the group the “Celebration Band.”  It sounded appropriate to the members, so they adopted it as their official name.

The “Celebration Band” is comprised of musicians from the Centennial Band, the Globe schools, and the Miami schools and is directed by Linda Gustafson with support and assistance from  Globe School District’s music teacher, Allie Tolman. Come out and hear their music beginning at 8:00 a.m. at the Miami Veteran’s Park on Thursday, July 4, then stay for the opening ceremonies, the escort of our nation’s flag by the American Legion Riders, and this year’s brief historical performance by the Copper Cities Players entitled “Council of Patriots Past”. The 2019 patriotic parade down Sullivan Street in Miami with all of its exciting features will follow. But, don’t despair, because the timeless patriotic melodies of the Celebration Band will resume as the background music for this year’s parade.

Entry setup is at Bullion Plaza beginning at 7 a.m. Music begins at the Miami park at 8 a.m. Opening Ceremonies at the park begin at 8:30, and the parade will follow. Join us in Miami, Thursday, July 4, 2019, to celebrate our American Independence.


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