Looking to the future not the past

Dear Editor: 

We all understand this is a complicated issue, and we all agree we need a pool. However, rushing to fix the disaster of a pool that currently sits at the Globe Community Center is not the right solution. Spending over $1 million on what boils down to a bathtub is the easy solution but not the right solution for our communities. We need the benefits of a full aquatic center with amenities like Olympic swim lanes, splash pad, slides and zero entry.

During the council meeting on Tuesday the number one rebuttal to the Aquatic Center was the price tag, which is around $6 million, at this time but let’s look at the math. The city is looking to raise/spend at least $1.1 million to fix the current pool. They have received grant funds with $100,000 set for a splash pad to be installed somewhere in town. At the same time the Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center has generously put up $1.5 million as a match grant. So now we are at $2.7 million, nearly half way to the $6 million price tag. We are much closer to a full aquatic center than many people believe. When asked by Councilman Shipley, the representative from the contracting company admitted he would not design a pool like this and that his own family would prefer a pool with the slides and equipment. We also need to look at the fact that this $1.1 million is only for the pool. It does not include the needed work to the children’s pool area, the bathrooms or structures around the pool enclosure.

The City Council needs to make the investment and work with all available stakeholders to fund and operate a full aquatic center. We deserve to have an aquatic center that serves the needs of our entire community.

Matthew Storms,