Madera Peak Vista residents address Management

Dear Editor:

This is our second request for Pacific Companies Resident Rewards and Aperto Management take down the sign in front of the Madera Peak Vista.

It is no longer an “exclusive Senior” facility because of the young children living here. Due to the yearly high rental increases it is no longer “affordable”. Most important it is no longer a “community” with shared goals. This sign is misleading and we will not be a part of misleading future residents. It is an affront to us that have to see the sing daily.

We know that the problems we are having with the children and they are the results of the adults involved. An adult gave them the skateboards, the bikes and the slingshots and then they turned their backs and let the children go “unsupervised” through the community. We have called the sheriff’s office and told that it was private property and there was nothing they can do. We have complained to the owners and the manager about the danger to us and the children but it continues.

So we wait… for the next rent increase, we wait to see what childhood illness will infect us and we wait for the next time the adults turn their backs and let the children play.

Take down the sign!

Della Cooper