Meade Family thanks San Carlos Apache Veterans Association

We the family of Ernie Meade (US Army, Korean war combat medic) are appreciative, and honored, that the San Carlos Apache Veterans Association, selected Ernie Meade, our great-grandfather, grandfather, father, brother and uncle as the 53rd San Carlos Day parade Grand Marshall.

Mr. Ernie Meade represented the San Carlos Apache Veterans Association with respect, honor and dignity. He was very happy and enjoyed participating in the parade with all the Armed Service Branches of the United States.

We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses of

San Carlos and Globe, for their support in honoring Ernie Meade, for their generous donations and time. The San Carlos Apache Veterans Association, the San Carlos Tribal Chairman’s Office, the Vice-Chairman’s Office, the San Carlos Council office’s of Bylas, Peridot, Seven Mile and Gilson Wash, the PDEE, the San Carlos Parade Committee, Noline’s Country Store, Tribal Farms, SCATUI, Forestry Prevention, San Carlos Police Department, John Antonio and family, Jazlynn Allen, Lemuel Meade and family, Big O Tires, State Famrs Insurance(Fernando Shipley office), American Family Insurance, Tractor Supply Co, Guayo’s on the Trail, Chalos Mexican restaurant, Ed’s La Casita East, Copper Bistro, United Jewelry, Judy’s Cookhouse, Pinal Limber, Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce, Earth Movers Tire and the many other who helped make this possible.

Again, thank you so much from our family, to yours and remember to always thank a veteran and God Bless you.

The Meade Family