MHS Alumni Giving to Miami Junior-Senior High School

MHS Alumni have not forgotten their alma mater.  Recently a teacher opened an envelope and found $65 enclosed in a thank you card from the Class of 65.

This is one way the Class of 65 lets teachers know they are appreciated for the extra effort they make both inside and outside the classroom each day. The cards have been given in memory of Nick Ragus, Principal of MHS in 1965, and classmate, Dirl Cole, who recently passed away. Many members gave at least $65 in tax credits to MJSHS in 2018. A donation of $1965 was recently given to Mr. Lineberry for the Principal’s Discretionary Fund.

The MHS Alumni Association is in the beginning stages of combining the MHS Multiyear Reunion group and the Vandals Reunion of Classes into one strong group of alums. The Multiyear Reunion headed by Kaye Chase Salas of the Class of 69 has provided funds to MHS to recover auditorium chairs, provide scholarships, and to help provide meals for teams on away trips. MHS Alumni Association’s first projects were successful in gathering over 200 books for the MHS library and winter clothing for students.

Future projects and activities are being planned for the MHS Alumni Association, watch for opportunities of giving back to our Alma Mater on Facebook and other media centers. If you would like more information or to donate to the MHS Alumni Association, contact Manuel Hernandez at [email protected]


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