Miami School District discusses Return to Learn options

Miami Unified School District discussed different learning options for the return to the 2020-2021 school year. MUSD launched a Return to Learn Task force to come up with possible learning strategies that would be both safe and beneficial to students receiving their education. They compiled feedback from parents, staff and guidelines from CDC, District, local, state and federal governments.

The initial plan includes three learning possibilities for their students: in person learning, hybrid in person, and remote learning.

Miami Governing Board approved the submittal of an application for an Arizona Online Instruction School during the June 23 meeting, named Miami Virtual Program (MVP). The approval of MVP will allow students to attend school should there be health concerns or other instances requiring an online option to receive their education and upon completion of all courses receive a high school diploma.

A detailed description can be found on website.


· Four days per week * Electives/specials (art, music, PE) will observe · Physical distancing expected physical distancing and safety protocols · Enhanced cleaning and safety * Modified breakfast and lunch · Facial coverings will be required * May participate in extracurricular activities and · required as needed following MJSHS athletics, following guidelines and safety measures District, local, state, and * Social and emotional support to promote student, Federal guidelines staff, and family wellness · Elementary classrooms stay together at recess · Materials will not be shared until properly sanitized · All students will have a district provided laptop.

HYBRID IN-PERSON EXPERIENCE (pk-12) · Four days per week * While on campus, students will adhere to all · Hybrid model that provides in-person learning experience protocols in-person and remote learning * All students will have a district-provided

laptop experiences * Extracurricular activities and MJSHS athletics · Allows for physical distancing participation, following in-person guidelines by reducing the number of students.* Social and emotional support to promote student students in the classroom and family well-being.

REMOTE LEARNING EXPERIENCE (pk-12) · Four days per week * Extracurricular activities and MJSHS athletics · All students will have a district- participation, following in-person guidelines provided laptop * Special education team will work directly with students. · Classes led by district teachers families to schedule required therapies. · High-quality digital curriculum * Social and emotional support to promote student through Canvas and Seesaw and family well-being · Access to virtual specials (art, * May transition to in-person or hybrid learning music, PE) K-6 and electives (6-12) experiences at quarter/semester and electives (6-12).

Of course the health and safety of students is the upmost importance.

Dr. Sherry Dorathy, Superintendent said “We look forward to offering this option to our students. Keep an eye on our website for updates. We have missed our students and staff the last quarter of the school year and look forward to ‘seeing’ everyone again.”