Monsoon Awareness Week

Susanne Jerome/Copper Country News Regina Leonardi, Johnny Sanchez, Bea Sanchez, Al Gameros, Christine Diaz, Shon Bywater of 92.7

Mayer Gameros proclaimed June 14 to June 20 Monsoon Awareness Week in honor of Cathy Sanchez-Canez who lost her life in a flash flood July 22, 2019.

Following her death, her family, with the help of the City of Globe and Gila County,  have posted signs on both ends of several flash flood prone roads. Warning, “Turn Around – Don’t Drown”.

Canez and her companion were not carelessly trying to cross a flooded wash, but was hit by a wall of debris from an earlier storm on the water shed above Silver Hills and Pinal Creek roads.

But the signs are even more relevant and life-saving when a road is covered with swift water even if it does not appear very deep.

Mayor Gameros thanked her in his proclamation for “sowing grains of goodness, kindness, and selfless giving in our schools and in our community.” But also through signs and publicity she continues to change lives for the better and even to save them.


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