National Summer Transportation Institute STEM Academy Offered at GCC

GLOBE — Gila Community College (GCC), in partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation, will provide science instruction as part of the national initiative to improve student performance in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.). The curriculum includes conceptual and practical experience in the future of transportation relevant to clean fuels, aviation, and ground transportation planning.

The National Summer Transportation Institute STEM Academy presents a two-week module aimed at developing an understanding of clean fuels, the physics of aviation, and ground transportation planning. 

Week one is to be devoted to clean fuels, and students will be introduced to sources of fuel and carbon emissions. For hands-on experience, students will design a clean fuel car. 

Week two includes one day focused on the physics of aviation, along with a theoretical understanding of flight. Students will design and fly RC planes and have the opportunity to fly a quadcopter drone.  The remaining three days will be devoted to planning ground transportation using remote aerial imagery and geospatial software. Students receive training with an introductory course in the geospatial software. At the end of the two-week module, students will be presented with a certificate of understanding of clean fuels, aviation, and ground transportation planning.

Students completing this academy will earn a certificate of completion, college credit, and where applicable, high school students will be awarded one credit toward graduation. The STEMS academy will be conducted from June 5-16. Enrollment is limited to 15 students.  Students must provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher or principal, along with their transcripts and discipline record from their high school. Students will be interviewed as part of the admittance process. Tuition is provide through scholarships.

Applications can be picked up at the Gila Pueblo Campus. For additional information, high school students are encouraged to contact Dr. Stephen Cullen at 928-425-8481 or [email protected]  May 22 is the deadline for registration. Gila Community College remains committed to providing opportunities to the youth in the local communities.


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