Old Dominion Days: A celebration of a golden age in Globe

Echoes of pickaxes chinking against stone and the clatter of pasty buckets hastily stored in the shade of a mesquite tree float down through time. Excited chatter rides the wind from the turn of the 20th Century as a prospector uncovers a vein of copper sure to lead to the mother lode at the Old Dominion Mine in Globe.

The Gila County Historical Society will host Old Dominion Days on Sept. 12-15, 2018, to relive a time when pioneers struck out West to make their fortunes and survival depended on sheer grit. The celebration will feature a guided tour of the Old Dominion Mine, which, although still considered active, is now a mine-themed park complete with hiking trails lined with historic information placards, a zip-line and a family park.

“This mine, this park and these photos give us a glimpse of the golden age of Arizona and our area,” Vernon Perry, president of the Gila County Historical Museum, said. “That is what Old Dominion Days is all about. We want people to get a taste of that exciting time of discovery and prosperity in our amazing community. “

Old Dominion Days — a Globe event designed to be fun for the entire family — kicks off this year on Wednesday, Sept. 12, with historical presentations, music and Chuck Wagon grub and culminates Saturday, Sept. 15, with an Old West shoot-out, copper panning, a tortilla toss, square dancing, a pasty supper and music from the Arizona Territorial Brass Band. The event will also feature antique appraisals, an old-fashioned candy store, family and kids’ day activities, a Big Nose Kate Fashion Show and an Old Dominion Mine guided tour.

“We wanted to bring a signature event to the community that celebrates our history and our community,” said Fernando Shipley, chairman of the Old Dominion Days board. “We chose our events so there is something fun for everyone to do.”

Tickets can be purchased at the Gila Historical Museum, 928-425-7385, the Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce, 928-425-4495, and Turn the Page, 928-910-9033 or go to www.gilahistoricalmuseum.org.

For lodging call the Globe Miami Chamber of Commerce at 800-804-5623.

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