Paper and Plastic Recycling Bins are at the Landfill

Gila County continues to support recycling, with separate bins for paper and plastic at the Russell Gulch landfill.

Roll-off bins were removed from all offsite locations last week after continued dumping of garbage into the recycling bins, polluting and rendering the bins’ entire contents unrecyclable.

Recycling and Landfill Manager Kenny Keith reminds Globe-Miami residents who want to recycle that cardboard is no longer acceptable in the paper bin, and cannot be recycled locally. Newspaper, magazines, office paper and standard US mail are acceptable in the paper bin.

The bin for plastic is limited to empty plastic bottles for drinks (water, soda); no detergent bottles or other plastics are accepted. Gila County’s recycling program has been limited due to unacceptable items contaminating entire loads of recyclables; residents who wish to recycle paper and plastic drink bottles may continue to use the bins at the landfill but please pay close attention to what’s acceptable in the bins.

Over the past decade nearly 10,000 tons of paper have been diverted from county landfills and hauled to a recycler in Scottsdale.

Also over the past decade Gila County’s recycling effort has added one month per year to the life of our landfill, by reducing the annual volume of garbage hauled there.

If you have questions about recycling call 928-402-8531 or email [email protected]


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