People with Parkinson’s Disease

People with Parkinson’s Disease have a problem with social situations because the person is changed, not so much at first, but a lot more later on.

If you have Parkinson’s and you have difficulty getting out of the house and facing people, I understand that. I have Parkinson’s too and it is difficult, but getting out in public gives you a chance to interact with other people, most of whom are very sympathetic and understanding. I’ve had no one talk bad to me or put me down. Sometimes what happens is all in your own mind. That’s the way it is with me anyway.

If you’re having a problem committing to a support group, let me tell you, it really makes you feel better to have someone to relate to that can understand your feelings.  Please contact me if you have Parkinson’s or know someone who does.

Let us help each other and encourage and support each other with this difficult disease.

Call Pat Romero at 928-425-6218 or e mail me [email protected]

If I don’t answer your call, please leave a short message and a number where i can call you back.

Let’s get together and support each other.