Roman Hernandez, 87

Roman M. (Ray) Hernandez, of Globe, Az., was born in Miami, Az. on May 8, 1934. Roman passed away at his home on June 20, 2021; he was 87 years old. His parents were Damacio Hernandez and Cruz Martinez. Roman was a sibling of 15 brothers and sisters. He is survived by three sisters, Emily (Albert) Garcia, Stella (Frank) Lara and Vera Ulibarri. Roman had five girls; Mitzi Ann Hill, Ramona Hernandez, Renee (Dezi) Wheeler, Ana Hernandez and Rae-Ann (Larry) Casillas, eight grandkids and five great-grandkids. Roman married his first wife Dalia Carrillo on Jan. 30, 1954, which only lasted a short time; they had a daughter, Mitzi Ann Hill. On April 15, 1961, Roman married Olivia V. Cutter; they had three girls, Ramona Hernandez, Renee Wheeler and Ana Hernandez. They were married for 27 years. Roman spent many days providing for his girls. He was a man of different traits who was in all branches of the military, serving our country in many ways. Roman enlisted into the Army at the age of 15 in 1949-1950. Roman was in the Vietnam War and the Korean War; he was stationed in different parts of the world until he retired in 1985. He not only proudly served our country but has also worked many different jobs, including construction, working in the Christmas Mine, Inspiration Mine, Phelps Dodge Miami Inc. and Cypress Mine until he retired. Roman also helped build the Besh Ba Gowah ruins when he worked for the City of Globe. He was an employee at Walmart for a short time and has worked countless removals and funeral services for Lamont Mortuary for 20 years. He served his dues with the Elks Lodge as well as the American Legion for many years. Roman had known his late wife, Rachel Mariscal, since she was a little girl; they used to go horseback riding together by the stockyards. They were both longtime friends. As the years went by, in 1987, Rachel moved in with him as a friend. A few years later they became a couple. After 29 years being together, Roman and Rachel were married on Aug. 15, 2016. They were married for three short years but spent a lifetime together totaling 32 years. Roman adopted Rae-Ann Casillas in 1992 when she was 4 years old. Rae-Ann spent a lot of his retirement days with him on the many travels with Rachel. Before Roman lost his wife in 2019, they would hop in the truck and go wherever the road would take them. They hiked the back roads, looking for old rocks as well as aluminum cans that they could sell. Roman and Rachel would pop in and out of different casinos trying to get that extra dollar. Not to mention Roman loved his scratch tickets and Powerball tickets, trying to win that big jackpot. He loved to be on the move and travel the world if he could. When Roman was at home, he always kept himself busy doing things around the house. He would always keep the house clean daily, because he never knew who would come to visit. Roman would always keep an abundance of food and different things in the house so no one would be without. He loved tending to his garden in the backyard when he had it, as well as sitting in the front yard, watering his flowers. By the end of the day, Roman would kick back enjoying an ice cream cone and watch a little TV. He loved watching Tiger Woods, Old Western movies and Ancient Aliens. Not to mention he also enjoyed watching The Price is Right every morning while sipping on his coffee and eating his cherry sweet croissant. Roman was a whole lot of stubborn in his old ways but had the biggest heart, helping anyone in need. He was wise, a patriot and a true man’s man; he was our hero.

Assisting the family; Lamont Mortuary of Globe.



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