San Carlos Apache Culture Center Museum now open

The San Carlos Apache Culture Center Museum is now open. Marlowe Cassadore is now the director of the museum and looks forward to expanding the Culture Center and also looking at the location of the Museum. In the meantime, a survey/assessment will start soon for community input on what activities it should have to enrich the culture and heritage of the San Carlos Apaches.

Cassadore was born and raised in the Peridot area. When he started kindergarden at Peridot Lutheran Mission School, he did not speak a word of English. He comes from a family rich in Apache culture and tradition.

Cassadore plans to apply knowledge obtained from such Apache Elders and he is happy to be back at San Carlos after working and living in California. Marlowe is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

A grand reopening of the Museum is also scheduled for early fall, 2018 and a setup of an Apache Village is in the works, and community members who want to provide input and assist with this can attend planning meetings that will start soon.

The museum will start to purchase items for the gift shop soon and will buy items having timely turn around in reselling them. More information on what craft items we are purchasing and reselling will be forthcoming soon. Otherwise, the museum is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please stop by or call 928-475-2498 for any questions or information on the museum.

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