SONIC recognizes the top 500 drive-in teams across the country

The team members in Miami, Azare advancing to the next round in

SONIC® Drive-In congratulates the drive-in team in Miami for qualifying for the top 500 round in this year’s DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES, SONIC’s annual premier training program recognizing exceptional guest and operational service. During a span of five months, the team worked together through a series of trainings, quizzes and team building challenges, and the Miami team is one of this year’s top performers.

DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES is a training tool that motivates SONIC teams and recognizes team members on both individual and team levels. SONIC’s top 500 teams in the DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES were narrowed down from nearly 3,000 drive-ins participating in this year’s competition. The drive-in team located at 2117 N. Hwy 60 will win prizes and advance to the Top 50 round.

“We are incredibly impressed with the training success each of our qualifying teams have achieved to date during this year’s DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES,” said Kevin Knutson, senior director of operations training at SONIC Drive-In. “Our drive-in team in Miami is leading by example as they excel through a variety of trainings that are essential for making sure our guests have the best experience possible at SONIC.”

As the drive-in teams advance through the next three rounds of the DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES, they are working toward the gold, silver and bronze medals given to the top three drive-ins across the country. The final competition takes place at SONIC’s National Convention, where the Final 12 teams will receive an all-expense paid trip to the highly anticipated event.

“We are longtime fans of SONIC’s culture and the dedication drive-in teams have displayed throughout the 26 years of the DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES program,” said Blaine Wood, director of sales for Dr Pepper. “We have supported Sonic’s premier training program since its inception and are proud to see the operational growth of each drive-in firsthand.”


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