Spiritual Leader Franklin Stanley passes

Courtesy photo of Spiritual Leader Franklin Stanley.

Franklin Stanley, a Traditional Apache Spiritual Leader recently died. His body was brought back to his house in Peridot to the beating of the drums as he was being moved into an Apache Wickiup, gowah. It is an Apache Tradition to have the sounds of drums when a spiritual leader takes his last journey.

Mr. Stanley, originally from Bylas was of the Hai’ąą’há clan, translating to Chiricahua Apache. His mother and maternal grandmother were Chiricahua Apache, and Kathy Wesley Kitcheyan’s mother was his maternal aunt.

Mr. Stanley sang a wide range of Apache songs including Holy Ground songs, Sun-Rise Ceremony songs, and social songs of all types. He was a very inspirational Spiritual leader and well-respected by the community and other reservations whom he assisted. However, his voice will resonate forever in the minds and hearts of those he touched.


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