Support Aquatic Center Bill SB1474

GLOBE-MIAMI — Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center (CVRAC) is continuing to push towards securing a means to provide the maintenance and operations costs for an aquatic center for the Globe-Miami area.

 CVRAC currently has a Bill, SB1474 – Aquatics Facility Maintenance Districts that is moving through the Arizona Legislature. On February 14, the Bill passed through the Senate Finance Committee with a vote of 5 to 2, with Senators Bowie, Cajero-Bedford, Fann, Farley, and  Farnsworth voting for the bill and Senators Gray and Petersen opposing the Bill.

 “We have a long road ahead, but we have been so fortunate to have the assistance of some major corporations and representatives of major corporations helping to write the Bill to give it the best possible chance to make it through the legislature,” stated Evelyn Vargas, CVRAC Chair. “This Bill has many safeguards to ensure that once the construction of the pool is complete, the costs of maintaining and operating the pool are secure.”

 The Globe Community Center has been closed indefinitely and the Miami Hostetler pool is nearing the end of its life – both pools constructed by the work of many individuals with the heart of bringing water recreation to the populations of Miami, Globe and surrounding areas; both pools providing many, many years of swimming lessons, water aerobics, competition, and enjoyment for the City of Globe and the Town of Miami residents.

 “I'm a senior citizen and I need to be able to exercise safely,” states Joyce McBride.  “Water aerobics is a perfect low impact exercise and I'm not the only senior citizen to think this.  This center will encourage other retirees to consider living in this area.”

 We are at a time where we all have to work together, regionally, Globe - Miami – and parts of Gila County, to provide an updated water facility that all ages can derive entertainment, water education, health/wellness, competition, and recreation.  CVRAC has been working close to 4 years to bring this type of feature to our region and will require the help of everyone.  

 If you are interested in supporting these efforts or if you would like more information regarding all the research that has been completed,  please call Evelyn Vargas at 928-402-1141, Sherry Dorathy at 928-425-3271, or Bryan Seppala at 928-812-0098.

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