Tribal Court update

Tribal Court information: Current hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed for lunch noon to 1 p.m.

Face masks and temperature checks required prior to entry. 

Front entrance doors will remain locked; public is welcomed to call 928-475-1701/1702 prior to coming to the Tribal Court or can call while at the door or knock.  Bailiff/Front desk/Probation Check-In Clerk will assist. 

Limited capacity in the lobby area of five or less. Limited capacity in all courtrooms.

Hearings to be done mostly by Zoom and/or in-person if necessary (limiting to parties only and witnesses/some public). Zoom information will be provided by email or telephone call. As of this week all 21 employees have returned to the building and are working a full 40-hour week. Civil Court (Probates, Civils, Domestic Relations/Divorce/Child Custody/support, Guardianship etc.) is beginning the week of Jan. 19.

Criminal Court has been ongoing for inmate-related hearings; Criminal Court non-in custody/non-inmate hearings begin the week of Jan. 19.

Juvenile Court has been on-going excluding non-emergency hearings but review is in process of all files and scheduled hearings for those matters is to be determined. Orders of Protections have been filed and set immediately and will continue to be. 

As director I may be contacted by my cell/direct work line or work email from other department directors if needed; otherwise all court related inquiries can be done by making a phone call to the Tribal Court or by email to the Tribal Court employee who should all be in the email directory and phone directory. 


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