Tucker family expresses gratitude

The family of Kendrick Leroy Tucker would like to send our sincere appreciation and thanks to all our friends and loved ones who attended Leroy’s Celebration of Live. There were close to 350 guests and that was so gratifying. Our thanks to so many Friends for their kind expressions of sympathy, for the generous Agriculture Scholarship donations, thanks for the work before, during, and after the Celebration. A special thanks to Evelyn Frank, Barbara Alhmjal, Army Hall, Debbie Martin and Marcia Hick for the food you furnished and organization of food you did to keep the family going.

We also want to thank Thema Hospice. You were so helpful during our tough times. Ian Lamont, of Lamont Mortuary, Thank You! You know how much you helped us. Much thanks to Guayo’s El Rey, Dorine and Greg Esparza, for a wonderful and carefree buffet.

There are so many more to thank. We hope to get notes to you all.

Thank you all,

The Tucker Family