United Fund begins next grant cycle

The United Fund of Globe-Miami and giving are synonymous in the Copper Corridor and the philanthropic organization is priming the financial pump to give more in 2019.

To that end, the process is fully underway for local nonprofits to apply for grants to help with operations or projects in the upcoming calendar year. The deadline for applications is July 16.

In 2018, UF directed $750,000 into local projects, continuing a tradition that began in 1964 when the nonprofit began its mission to “connect donors and charities to strategically elevate the Globe-Miami community.”

From education to food banks to helping local municipalities with needed infrastructure or other special projects, the application process is open to any school or nonprofit organization in compliance with the Arizona Corporations Commission.

“The UF was created to connect employers and employees and save our agencies,” UF Executive Director Maryn Belling said. “The UF supports 30 local agencies and we have a good relationship with the mining interests.”

Both the mining interests and its employees, as well as members of the community and local businesses, have been generous to UF. In 2017, the nonprofit received $574,330 from Freeport in matching funds and $38,366 from Capstone. Employee donations from mine giving programs totaled $122,691.

The Freeport program doubles employee donations while Capstone matches one to one.

Last year, the mining interests upped their contributions and another $120,000 came from the local community. In all, Freeport employee donations make up about 60 percent of UF’s total community impact, about 20 percent comes from individual and small business contributions, and Capstone Pinto Valley Employees and Capstone Corporate match comprise another 20 percent.

Mary Anne Moreno, a longtime board member, former president and citizen of the year for her participation in UF, is happy the mining companies have stepped forward in recent years.

“Due to the incredible participation of the copper companies, we have more available than in the past,” she said. “Some years, we were lucky to get $100,000.”

Moreno moved to Arizona from Ohio in 1965 and to Globe in 1968, because she found she had an “allergy to the cold winters.”

She began her service with UF in 1968, when her employer, Gila General Hospital “volunteered” her as chair of the hospital’s UF outreach committee.

Over the years, she has seen fluctuations in giving to the organization, but she thinks that could be mitigated if every working individual and business gave $5 per month.

“I’d like to see the community participate more,” Moreno said. “The agencies we support provide services to each and every member of this community.”

In recent years, that includes the new playground equipment for Copper Rim Elementary School and more recently the fixes to Miami’s Hostetler Pool and operational funding for the Gila House Lerry Alderman safe house for victims of domestic violence.

Additionally, if there was more community involvement, the specter of the vagaries of copper prices would not be a factor, as it was in 2009 when the mining interests were only able to give about $40,000.

But the thing that really sets UF grants apart from others is that funding is available for operations and not just for specific projects.

“Without our support, many of our agencies would just go away,” Moreno said. “Some of them get a check every month for operations. That overhead has to be addressed.”

The UF board is comprised of a 9-member board of individuals across all walks of life in the Globe-Miami area in order to get a wide cross-section. This year’s board includes President Linda Oddonetto; Vice President Moreno; Treasurer and Gila County Manager, James Menlove; Secretary Robin Bradford; and board members Anna Petty; Cami Lucero; Ellen Kretsch; Ron Carnahan, and Gloria Rico.

The application process is 100 percent online this year and can be accessed at www.ufglobemiami.com, where there is also a comprehensive list of agencies supported by UF funding.

“United Fund takes the guesswork out of giving to local charities,” Belling said. “Connecting donors and charities, amplifying donations with matching funds, and fostering collaboration between agencies. Every donation makes a big difference!”

The United Fund supports the following local agencies in 2018:

Arizona Reservation Ministries

Boy Scouts of America - Grand Canyon Chapter

Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Musuem

Cobre Valley Center for the Arts Outreach

Cobre Valley Youth Club

Copper Basin Coalition

Copper Cities Youth Sports

Dylan Earven Foundation

Friends of the Globe Public Library

Friends of the Miami Memorial Library

GILA  House

Gila Aging

Gila Community Food Bank

Gila County 4-H Leaders Council

Gila County Historical Society

GILA House Emergency Repair Fund

Gila Reading Council

Globe Lions

Globe Lions - Summer Camp

Globe Miami Community Concert Association

Habitat for Humanity of Globe-Miami

High Desert Humane Society

GILA House/Alderman Domestic Violence Safe Home

Horizon Human Services Residential

LEAD Guitar

Miami Genesis

Pinal Mountain Foundation for Higher Education

Read On Christmas Express

Salvation Army Daycare

St. Vincent’s of Holy Angels

Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services

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