Upcoming cleanup in San Carlos

San Carlos will be having a community cleanup. Meet at the Gilson Wash Activity Center on Saturday, May 15 at 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Park at the Blue Building (GWAC). Then clean up the roadside making way to the Gilson Wash Park, also known as Taos Park. 

Bags and gloves will be provided. The garbage will need to be taken to a dumpsite. If you have a truck or know someone who has a truck, ask them to help.

Bring friends! The more helping hands, the easier the work!

If you have questions, call the cleanup Hotline 808-373-0032.

This cleanup has been organized by Doris P., GHS Class of 2021 Co-Valedictorian, and her grandma, G. Pike. Supported by the Nigosdzan Project of San Carlos, SCAT, Forest Service and the Cathy Sanchez-Canez Memorial Foundation.



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