Veterans Honored by GHS

Dear Editor:

On Nov. 12, the Globe High School ROTC honored local veterans and first responders with a great breakfast complete with a warm reception, posting of the Colors, piano music and individual written/verbal words of thanks.

The pride, courtesy and professionalism displayed by the students and the staff of Globe High School should give us all a reason to feel encouraged about the future of our country. The GHS staff/administration demonstrated steadfast support to the students.

Each and every Cadet was professionally dressed in their uniforms and their pride was evident on their faces. They personally engaged with each guest and expressed genuine interest in the histories of their guests. The Culinary Class did a super job creating a great meal and feeding the veterans more than they “should” eat.

There were probably fewer veterans in attendance than anticipated, but keep in mind that many Veterans are still working and most of those who attended are “retired”. The students  are to be saluted for honoring veterans and first responders. We are proud of you

Ken Byrne