Want A Job That Truly Counts? Work for the Census

Since March Mike Godinez has been working for the US Census Bureau here in Gila County, where he’s actively recruiting applicants from Globe, Miami and Claypool. Wheatfields, Roosevelt, San Carlos, Top of the World and Hayden-Winkelman applicants too, to “get a job that counts.”

“I enjoy the people I work with and I have made friends with people I would have not otherwise met,” says Godinez. “People of any and all ages should apply - we need local people, right from their neighborhood. They know their area better than anyone else and, in many cases, know the people.”

Census jobs pay $14.50 per hour and .58 cents per mile; paid-training is offered locally, and hours are flexible. What’s required? Applicants need to be at least age 18 and provide a social security number, have a drivers’ license and email address. Apply online at 2020census.gov/jobs

“We need to hire from the Globe-Miami and Claypool area,” said Godinez. “On Oct. 20 a nationwide event to hire enumerators will kick-off with the message: “Get a job that counts.”

What is the census? The US Constitution mandates a thorough and updated nationwide population count every 10 years.

Now more than two centuries old, the once-a-decade tradition brings a few modern options when it officially begins on April 1, 2020 and every ‘head of household’ may complete their own census online or by phone.

Fail to complete yours, and an ‘enumerator’ will eventually knock on your door to fill out the nine-question form.

“People are hired for the census are from across the main stream of America, all applicants are considered - but military background is given priority, and I believe that gave me the opportunity to become the first recruiting assistant for Gila County,” said Godinez.

Read more at 2020census.gov; connect with 143,000 census followers at facebook.com/uscensusbureau/


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