Where does a Globe High School student go during the summer?

Ramiero Angeles spent his summer at the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists in Boston, thanks to support from the community. Photo provided.

During the last school year, invitations to a prestige summer camp were sent out to high school students all across the United States.

One invitation was issued to Ramiero Angeles to attend The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists.

His mother, Guadalupe Angeles was instantly proud of her son, both knowing it would take hard work to raise the funds needed for Ramerio Angeles to attend a summer camp with an out-of-state college experience.

Funds were raised by having bake sales and donations from various people in the community. Upon arriving at the Boston airport from Phoenix, the camp provided transportation to the University of Massachusetts. During the drive Angeles made fast friends with the other campers and was fascinated by the buildings and vegetation of Boston. In order for the campers to have the true college experience, Angeles was issued a dorm room with a dorm mate.

At first, it was a little strange for him to be outside of Globe and in Boston, but he quickly adapted to his new surroundings and fellow campers, since everyone had the same interests of medicine. Angeles was so nervous for the first day, he almost did not sleep that first night. On the first day, there were many guest speakers that were doctors who were experts in their different specialties within the field of medicine. Each doctor had countless pieces of advice for Ramiro and his fellow campers.

However, there was one doctor in particular who grabbed Angeles’s attention. The very inspiring person was Dr. Ara Suppiah, whose talk was extremely motivating and filled with anecdotes about what he did to achieve his career path and how long it took him to achieve the status he enjoys today. He set standards in his life to reach his goals. At first, Suppiah wanted to become a cardiologist. He became weary of what he was studying, but still finished his degree.

Suppiah liked being a cardiologist but didn’t love it. Then he began to study emergency medicine to become an ER physician. He loved it and is still performing what he loves today.

It took, Suppiah; 20 years to achieve his goals, but he did it. He communicated to that there are going to be times when you feel like you want to give up, but you have to reach your goals and follow through with them.

On one of the more interesting days at this camp, Angeles was able to witness a live surgery that was being displayed on a gigantic TV screen. Upon completion of the surgery, the surgeons held a question and answer session with the campers. Campers also heard recorded interviews from patients, who were sharing stories about their diagnosis and physician care.

All and all, this was one summer camp not to be missed by Ramiro and his fellow campers.

Angeles and his mother would like to take this opportunity to give an enormous thank you to all the people of this community that donated funds to help make this trip possible and to Mrs. Lisa Bittner for helping organize Angeles for this trip.


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