Wikieup, Go Wah, building at San Carlos Apache Culture Center June 22

The San Carlos Apache Culture Center Museum will set up and build a few wikieups (Go Wahs) behind the museum building.

This is part of what will eventually be an Apache Village.

The Museum is wanting participation from mostly Apache women to build and construct the Go Wahs since these structures were mostly built by Apache women.

The date of this Go Wah development is Saturday, June 22.

It will start at 6 a.m. and completion time should be early afternoon.

The brush and the pole structures will be delivered by Apache men. We want to start early, not only because of the heat, but Apaches did things early in morning because they were taught to get up early and start doing things early.

Water, refreshments and a meal will be served to celebrate this set up of Apache Go Wahs.  Please come help or learn to make Apache Gowahs.

Call Lauren Pina at 928-475-2894 or see her at the Peridot Culture Center Museum to let her know of participation and to help with this project.